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First Ever Card Challenge...

by Lisa Decosse on 10/13/12

Hello everyone.  I'm about to enter a card into a challenge for the very first time.  Designed 2 Delight has begun to hold a 'free stamp of the month' challenge.  If you go over to the site before Oct 20 you should still be able to snag the current free image.  However, you only have until Oct. 19 at 11:59 p.m. to enter.  Everyone who enters the challenge and follows the rules is a winner because you automatically get the stamp for the next month's challenge. If you miss this month but would still like to participate in future months, you must buy the next stamp.  Stop by the site and check out the rules yourself.  While you are there, have a look around.  Their digital images are just so cute!  This is the card I'm entering.

I'm also thinking of entering it in a few other challenges but I need to do some research first to see who has open challenges with a Thanksgiving theme. 

That is it for now.  Until next time,

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1. Emily Leiphart said on 10/18/12 - 04:05PM
Lovely card, Lisa! Your colouring is wonderful!
2. Imke said on 10/20/12 - 02:44AM
This is a beautiful Thanksgiving card ! Thanks for joining us @ Designed2Delight !

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