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A Brand New Month, A Brand New Blog...

by Lisa Decosse on 10/01/12

Welcome to my blog!  As stated above I'm brand new at this.  Since I've never done anything like this before, your constructive feedback is most definitely welcome.

I'm not exactly sure how often new posts will appear, or for that matter, what they will be about.  For all I know, I'll probably be the only one visiting this site on a regular basis.  Well, maybe my mom will show up once and awhile and I might be able to convince a few friends to drop by on occasion.  However, I don't anticipate an influx of visitors, so if you are here, I am so very happy you came.  As I mentioned in my profile, right now the main purpose of this blog is to allow myself an online place to keep card images I've created that I want to submit to challenges. 

As for what I will be posting, sometimes it might just be a new card that I've created (or a link to it until I figure out how to use the blog element of this website).  Other times I might direct you to an event going on elsewhere.  I do know that I'll definitely send you to some of my favourite sites when they do something special.

Well I guess that is it for my first post.  Wish me luck!

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This is site is just getting underway.  Please excuse the mess.  Check back often for updates.  It is not built up very much because I'm just getting ready for a challenge in Oct.  Little by little, it will get there!

Less than 10 days into my blogging career and I'm already having to change how I do things. 

If you have been a previous visitor to this blog, you may have noticed how basic the blog is.  There are just too many things that I can't do here...

*I want to have followers--the best I can offer is a mailing list to let people know I've posted something new.
*I want to add a field in the comments section for people to add their email address and/or website address if they want--can't do that.
*I had someone request that I turn of 'word verification' because she was afraid that I would lose out on a lot of comments otherwise--can't do that either.
*There is no way to create a post archive.
*There is no way to do a search within my blog.
*There is no way to create labels to make it easier for people to navigate through the site.

And the list goes on...

Due to issues with the basic features of the blog component of this website, I have relocated my blog to BloggerTM.  This website will remain so that I still have a place to keep my image galleries.  However, if you would like to continue to check out new posts you can now find my blog at:

Thanks for stopping by and I hope you'll come follow me in my new home!
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